Stupid Question, probably

Im currently writing a script for a fire mage, however i dont seem to be able to get FireStrike to /cast [@target].

It seems to work with @cursor, but not @target.

Here’s my question, when you use @cursor, im assuming it returns a location value (of the curser position in the world?), so when you use @target, what value is it returning?

Like i said its probably a stupid question but for the life of me i cant find it in the documentation.

If anyone knows, a push in the right direction would be appreciated :slight_smile:

to my knowledge it is not possible to bind a spell you need to place to a @target macro


Fair enough, i suspected that was the case. Was just looking to see if i could replace the @target with a temporary variable holding the current targets location.

I suppose it may not work due to requiring 2 clicks, one on the spell and one at the location. Where as a single press on say something like Devotion Aura will auto target self.

Sorry, just thinking aloud.

I think target is an entity no mather where the entety is located the spell are disigned to be casted over this entity, the target.

Cursor position is an xy position over the screen that si translated to an xyz position in the space engine and this xyz position will be affected in a radial are based on the spell are of damage.

and there are no stupid questions… just questions.

They removed @target years ago