Sub 7.2.5 PvE Macro

This is my first contribution to the site. This is a work in progress current test are being ran against the raiding training dummy. Was sustaining around 500k and opening at 1mill with a 891 gs and only lvl 41 sub artifact weapon ( Sub not currently main spec )

  1. Start in stealth > (Hold shift for the mod ) > use the shift mod till you use Nightblade
  2. Click based on energy if approaching or above 70 energy click fast if below 40 click slower
  3. If your buff from Nightblade is going to wear off or is at 2/3 sec hold alt and click until Nightblade back on then rinse and repeat 2.

The reason behind the fast and slower clicking is it will help you from completing the sequence to fast and then just sitting on shadow dance unable to fire because it has no uses.

Sequences['SubBuild'] = {
-- This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.1.02.
  Talents = "1213231",
  MacroVersions = {
    [1] = {
      StepFunction = "Sequential",
        "/castsequence [mod:shift] reset=4  Symbols of Death, Shadowstrike, Backstab, Nightblade",
        "/cast [combat,nomod] Shadow Blades",
        "/cast [combat,nomod] Goremaw's Bite",
        "/castsequence [nomod] reset=3/combat/target  Shadow Dance, Shadowstrike, Shadowstrike, Eviscerate, Backstab, Backstab, Eviscerate, Backstab, Backstab, Backstab, Eviscerate, Backstab, Nightblade",
        "/castsequence [mod:alt] Marked for Death, Nightblade",
        "/cast [combat] Symbols of Death",