(Sub) Burst Macro but need it worked

Ok so I use my own opener, it stun locks them (if they don’t trinket out or use anything else) all while finishing with about 50-60k damage (iLevel 198). But I need it made into a macro for GSE as I use the default /castsequence…. And I need more attacks to do after the macro in case they don’t die (They usually die)

This is what I use in order:
Symbols of Death
Shadow Blades
Cheap Shot
Unchained Gladiators Badge of Ferocity
Shadow Dance
Echoing Reprimand
Marked for Death
Kidney Shot

Now I need more attacks to put in afterwards and I would like if anyone can put this into a real macro for GSE, Thanks

GSE can’t guarantee the order that abilities will go off. It queues macros to spam to the client and lets WoW handle the rest (basically).

Some folks use separate openers as well as CDs outside of GSE just because of this.

I’d suggest keeping your opener, and then finding a nice PvP focused macro here to run afterwards.

Maybe someone else could recommend a way to tie auto starting the GSE macro after your opener completes, but idk.

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This is basically my macro for sub, without the stun and badge :stuck_out_tongue:

It is exacly in that order it goes through, but you have to calculate the ms compared to the cd of the ability. If the ms is too fast, the macro will skip over a few abilities