Subtlety – 5.1

I was just wondering if anyone has anything for sub rogue 5.1 with maximum DPS in mind?

adapted this from the Muti macro. its something to begin with. altho rotation etc for subt isnt fixed. thre was a subtlety rotation macro a few patches ago on a different site that worked really well. here is my macro anyway.


/castsequence [mod]Fan of Knives;reset=target Hemorrhage,Hemorrhage,Rupture,Hemorrhage,Hemorrhage,Eviscerate,Hemorrhage,Eviscerate

/cast Shadow Blades

/cast [nostance:1]Stealth

/use 13

/use 14


/run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()



as always. if anyone has any thoughts on how to improve this. it would be most welcome :slight_smile:



I am pretty new to this but I managed to make this macro. So far it seems pretty good but i feel it could be better. Let me know how this works. If you have a level 90 rogue please let me know how this works for you. I only had a level 46 rogue to test this on lol

/cast [nocombat]Stealth
/castsequence reset=0.3 0,0,0,0,Dispatch
/castsequence reset=0.3 0,0,0,Eviscerate
/castsequence reset=0.3 0,0,0,Slice and Dice
/castsequence reset=0.3 0,0,0,Backstab
/castsequence reset=0.3 0,0,Hemorrhage
/castsequence reset=0.3 0,Rupture
/castsequence reset=target/120 Backstab,Hemorrhage,Slice and Dice
/cast [combat]Shadow Blades

I like those priotity macros, and i’m testing the version of Michael Sanchez, i’m new on macroing and i have a question, what is the function of the last /castsequence?

“/castsequence reset=target/120 Backstab,Hemorrhage,Slice and Dice”