Suche Hilfe für 2 GCD-Fähigkeiten auf einer Taste (mit einer Priorität)

Hello to all,

because of my eye problems I want to use the GSE. I am half blind and whether I can be operated at all is yet to be seen, anyway: In the link at Youtube: Survival Hunter GSE Macros for BFA! - YouTube 1 I also see nicely how it works with GSE. (Also in other videos).

The only thing is that GSE looks different for me. I don’t have the Key Press, PreMacro and Sequence fields like that.I “only” have blocks that don’t make sense to me, and no matter how I play with loops and repeats, I don’t get a #showtooltip under (it stays with the “?”), the Survival Poison + the Venthyr Shingle Shot is only used randomly (even though I use Priorities, etc).

What am I doing wrong? Are there different GSEs?I really only want shin shot and snake venom on one key, plus a /petattack. Venthyr shin shot prior, whenever ready (even when changing targets) and venom just in between. I have been assured that this works.But I think … I am too stupid…

Help would be nice, gladly a video with the current GSE version, there I found unfortunately nothing. Thanks!

PS: This is automatically translated. I hope I have not included any inaccuracies/wrong words by doing this.

See if this helps:

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