Suggestions for 19 tanking


I have a 19 undead warrior (cause my friends like the look rather than best class). I am specd out Prot with talents in the in that tree only. I am currently having all kinds of issues holding aggro with multi-enemy groups. It’s like herding kittens and frankly embarrassing especially given I was main tank before classic.

I have researched online and there isn’t a ton of info on tanking at this level so I have been trying to use what I have found and tweak it.

Any suggestions on a macro here for this level range and is full Prot the way to go…at least in this range?

Anyone? Crikets…

You don’t really have a lot at your disposal at 19, also this isn’t retail where it’s super easy to generate threat. You have sunder and taunt. Best bet is to charge, swap to defensive stance, sunder and thunderclap + revenge procs and let you generate threat before they start blowing stuff up. This basic principal scales all the way to 60 (plus other spells).

Edit: Just my 2 cents and what I do personally, spec arms or fury, prot tree at 19 isn’t going to give you a leg up at all. Better off DPS spec and just tossing on Defensive stance. You can actually tank trash with a 2H or DW and then just go shield+1H on bosses or big pulls.

hey there, u should have access to shield block and revenge at your level. you need a plan when dealing with trigger happy friends :> my advise would be to mark skull and cross. charge in at skull change to def stance,bloodrage and throw up shield block, get your revenge proc off and tab target to start working on cross goal is to get either one sunder on it or a shield bash then tab to next target(lets say this is a three pull) and get a sunder on it aswell. now u can tab target back to skull and reset its aggro with taunt and start working on it again, if u do this over and over u should be a step ahead instead of behind. that prot leveling macro posted here works good for this method. hope this helps. regarding talents i have to aggre with x going fury for example just gives u extra threat and therefore better tanking utility when lvling

Thanks for the great explanation. I will give it a try

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