Super Duper Macro

We are starting to use Macro Toolkit, is like SuperDuper but better and up to date.

this topic has to do wit the macro extender Super Duper Macro add on!

first of all you have to download it for here

Super Duper Macro

i believe that u know how to install it so i skip this part

now when u are in game!!

  1. type /m to open the macro menu

  2. create a new one (even with one character in) and save it

  3. at the bottom of the window there is an upgrade button press it(it may be some yellow and blue colors instead. that is the one)

  4. a new window appears twice as big with ur macro on the left side and text box on the right. the macro u have created and on the right side u will see the char-s u have typed before

  1. delete them and copy paste the macro u want

7.then press save

8.then select the macro icon on the left and drag it to your action bar where u wanna use it (for instance number 2 button).

9.u are done and ready to use it

if u are in combat and want to modify the macro u cant

it changes but u have to be out of combat for the changes to take effect.

if u want fast access to your macros you can type /sdm or u can macro this command.

NOTE: you have to be careful how you copy paste your macro. if u have done everything according to this guide and still does not work try pasting the macro to a txt document and then in the add on.

Hey and thx fore super duper macro. I online have one problem ;( when i start fight using the macro nothing happens,but the macro is showing on the general log ;( please hjelp me
Helpless warrior

this usualy happens when there is a space in the starting line of the macro
instead of

you have to check each line for spaces in front of / command