Survival macros

For a top tier dps class it’s hard to believe that there aren’t more macros being made for this spec. I have been spending hours trying to make a solid macro myself. Unfortunately my knowledge and skill at this is poor. If I come up with something worth sharing I’ll be sure to post it because this spec is really lacking on quality viable macros. And the spec is so fun to play its sad really there isn’t more interest. Cross your fingers I can figure this macro business out lol

You’re right. I’m using one from here with good results, but I know it needs some refinement to be more accurate. I tried creating some (I have the skills for it, but I’m not in a good health condition these last weeks and can’t spend time on it) and didn’t got good results.

I have one i would be willing to share for people to try out.

It’s priority based but it’s not using anything which needs to be maintained. I have been using it since 102 to 108/9 as i am not 110 (obviously) to use it in BfA as yet. It’s built on using 11?1?31.

It’s giving me most of the correct % of skill use as well as putting me a fair bit above most others in output.

I’m currently playing survival and enjoying it more than I was BM, this is the one I’m currently using with an ilvl of 330 and seeing some nice numbers.

Am always willing to give other macro’s a go though :wink:

That’s the triggered macro. I ran that and it’s good but for me it spams Serpent Sting and I’m always starved. I’ll post what I have when I get home. Been working on finding a balance between keeping good focus without starving much. And hitting good mongoose procs while not spamming serpent sting. It’s tough though and I lack the skills to put it all in the right places to get good numbers.

Here is what I have been testing out. Again Im no macro maker just trial and error and hours tweaking. Im still not happy with it but figured Id post for the experts here to help with Ideas. Feel free to try it out and I welcome all feedback.

Talents 1121222

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.3.10.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

KeyPress: Freezing Trap, Misdirection, Tar Trap, Disengage, Harpoon, Growl, Call Pet 1

Main Sequence: Kill Command, Raptor Strike, Serpent Sting, Coordinated Assault

@Ghoste did you try the updated Triggered macro, I reduced the serpent sting a lot so it shouldn’t spam?

Last time I tested triggered was a couple of days ago. It was still spamming a lot for me. Like one after another. Also I felt like I wasn’t getting enough focus or kill commands to maintain focus. This is what I was attempting to accomplish in my macro. Keeping good focus and not spamming serpent sting while getting good mongoose stacks for dps and bomb usage.

@Ghoste your sequence is one of the best on the website hands down, I do more DPS with yours than any other, 19k burst and stays at what I sim. if you have any updates I would love to test

Thank you for testing it out and the kind words, much appreciated. I have not played this character much in the past week. And so haven’t messed with the macro any. I am not raiding atm so maybe I will have time to log on this weekend and mess around. Thank you again for the kind words.

What ms speed are you firing this off at? I use a Corsair keyboard and mouse combo, if that helps.

EDIT: I have kind of figured out, pending a response, that 50/ms is doing fairly good for this macro. AT lvl 110, and 207 ilvl, I am doing around 2.4k dps.

[quote quote=66044]What ms speed are you firing this off at? I use a Corsair keyboard and mouse combo, if that helps.
EDIT: I have kind of figured out, pending a response, that 50/ms is doing fairly good for this macro. AT lvl 110, and 207 ilvl, I am doing around 2.4k dps.[/quote]

That’s a good speed. I actually run about 80ms. But if you are getting good results at 50ms keep at it. Be mindful of your Mongoose strikes good to have that on a key of its own. This way if you are capping focus or have 5 stacks and focus to spare you can fire off an extra mongoose or 2.

@Ghoste - Do you mind sharing the MS that you are running your macro at? I know each person has to find their personal sweet spot, but I would love a place to start.


[quote quote=66130]@Ghoste – Do you mind sharing the MS that you are running your macro at? I know each person has to find their personal sweet spot, but I would love a place to start.

I run at 80ms

YEP! So - after extensive testing today + dungeon runs… Levelling character.

Lvl 111 + ilvl 221 - I get quite sustained top-of-board DPS in dungeons. Running at 80ms.

Dungeons = 4.2K against Unbound Abomination in The Underrot. No flasks/potions/food - just standard party buffs.

Many thanks for the great job :slight_smile:

Just my 2c. A priority macro works the best for SV imho. I’ve tried them all and both Cym’s and Ghoste’s sequences work great. If anyone is having issues with Serpent Sting spam or it occurring too often, it may be linked to being focus starved. Serpent Sting only requires 20 focus and Mongoose Bite requires 30. So in a focus starvation situation, Serpent Sting could fire again…and again…and again until a Kill Command procs giving enough focus to allow Mongoose Bite to fire. The first thing I suggest to address this is to put Serpent sting on a modifier or separate key. I understand we love one button macros but hear me out. This is because you dont need to be randomly wasting 20 focus and you need to control exactly when and where Serpent Sting is applied, like multi-dotting for AOE. Also, depending on the traits, you may get free Serpent Stings or a 200% damage increase window which requires a quick re-apply at the right time to capitalize. The second is talents. If you put in the modifier or change SS to a separate key and still hit moments of being focus starved change your first row talent from Viper’s Venom to Alpha Predator. This will increase Kill Commands resulting in more focus. This also plays nice with Bloodseeker which will give you a nice 10% attack speed boost for every bleeding target this talent gives to Kill Command. Happy days if you run with a feral or sub rogue. I’ve tried every combination of talents and I’m sold on 31X1222 for most all situations. However, some readers may already know all of this while others may focus on AOE or specific Azerite traits and therefore prefer a different build or have experienced different results so just take this information for what its worth to you.

So I haven’t posted or updated this in sometime now for that I’m sorry. I appreciate the kind words and happy to hear you are finding my macro to be useful. Since this posting I have been working on improving my DPS trying different things. And the macro below is what I can up with. Overall its not a huge change from the previous macro. And not a true “one button” macro. For this one you will spam the macro firing your major abilities. And In a second key you will need to place Mongoose Bite. Fire the macro to build focus and Mongoose Bite to burn it. The macro uses your Bombs and Stings without over using Serpent sting. If anything it could do more but I haven’t found a sweet spot for stings yet. After raids my guild post logs and I wow analyze myself. Most fights have no major issues to report only minor like not enough serpent stings or overlapping stings. Manage your focus and don’t over cap trying to get 5+ mongoose bite in while fury is active. You should find with practice you will get awesome result.

I run this at between .050 to .029 MS on Razor but please test for what works for you.

Talents 3121222

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.02.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Berserking

KeyPress: Growl, Misdirection, Call Pet 1

Main Sequence: Kill Command, Wildfire Bomb, Serpent Sting, Coordinated Assault

KeyRelease: Mana Drain

Post Macro: Wildfire Bomb

Just notice that I had a /use in the key release section please delete it unless you have a on use trinket you want fired on cooldown LOL

Last night ran Heroic and first 2 bosses in mythic. Avg parse for my item level was epic 85% over all. Some fights not so good but that mechanics and my failures. Heroics I can hit legendary parses on some fights. Not trying to toot my horn just letting you all know that it works. Takes a little practice but its working well for me.

Thanks a lot for sharing ghoste! 85%+ sound really good! I won’t be able to give any useful feedback the next weeks i think (my gear is crab atm) But i will definitely try your macro :slight_smile: