Survival new end game

hello everyone I post my macros for hunter survival divided into 2 macros.
I tried to keep priority on bombs and using kill commands as I have full tier set. let me know ok




This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.37.




This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.37.

for the cds in this case coordinate assault I use it manually. note i have 2 super trinket bos raid echo class neltharion+sarkareth so my dps will go up a lot especially with use of 2. i use it manually


This macro works great for mee. Thank you!

This macro as it is works beauuuutifully well.

I put all the bombs ( 4 of them ) in 3 different action blocks with dollar symbol in front of them ( ex. $$/cast Wildfire Bomb )

So thank you very much!


@lloskka you are a legend been trying ages to get this to work ended deleted them all but thanks to this macro and your input there I’ve finally got a pvp macro I’m happy with haha cheers

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Playing surv since the start of the season and gave your macro a shot since im lazy on farm weeks xD 1st of all the AoE macro works rly great not that far off dps wise compared to playing without it on 20s.
The ST version could fire off more mongoose bites and is lacking a bit of performance but nothing a few hits on the MB keybind cant fix.
Overall a really good macro would recomment using it 09/10
Cheers 4 sharing it :slight_smile:

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The aoe one is working great,

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thanks for the comments, so I should update the single macro and increase mongoose bite ok I’ll take a look thanks to all for your cooperation


Just a bite each side of the kill command worked great for me

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Yea, also i dont know if it possible to incorporate the Macro to stop pet attack and pet attack before killshot.

Something breaks fury of the eagle in the middle of channeling which suppose to be 2nd top dps on aoe side i run at 30ms i do that on all my melle’s

How do we adjust macro to add more Mongoose Bites?

How come when I load the talents it shows out of date, how to fix that

need a little info; what is the english translation for: “Furia Sanguinaria”?


blood fury racial orc spell

tyvm! I was stumped.

I’m an alliance nerd…:stuck_out_tongue: