In an effort to keep many up and running as quick as possible, I’ve been working on some quick start macros
on as many classes as I can.

I don’t expect these to be optimal yet just to get things going from the Launch of BFA, they all work for me
feel free to try and leave feedback, although I don’t intend to change anything until live or if they change a class drastically.
I don’t mind you using these as a foundation for your own macro just some praise ???

the new GSE uses a code string now for ease of importing,
these are all tested using boosted 110s in Zulazar no leggos and bottom barrel gear so may perform better

there are 2 mod shift one is disengage and the other is harpoon, left over when i was testing terms of engagement talent but left it in for fun,
holding it down will disengage you from target then immediately harpoon back in.

Carve is on a mod alt to weave in some aoe when needed avoid using if below 50% focus to prevent starving

Talents 3,2,1,1,2,3,1

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.3.00.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

KeyPress: Disengage, Carve, Harpoon

Main Sequence: Kill Command, Serpent Sting, Raptor Strike, Flanking Strike, Wildfire Bomb, Coordinated Assault

Hallo John

can you pls show how it will look like, with the body and all? :slight_smile:
ty for all your hard work


It’s harder to show you with the body.
GS is changing for BfA in that it will now be the strings that you see above. You will need to import it to see it.

If it’s imported in verbose mode all you’d see is /cast spellidhere and it would still make no sense to you.
It would take longer to then change all that into what you’re used to seeing.
Best get used to the new view :slight_smile:

Hello Cymiryc

ty for the response :slight_smile:
ill just have to wait then, which is so hard :slight_smile:


Current GS can import these strings, it’s a should be known feature but it’s never been enforced before.

You can try importing it or even using the new GS client found

Only thing that will break it if you don’t have beta is that the SpellId’s will change since some skills have been pruned

ty Cymiryc


updated for current build

Have you found a way to use the talent “Wildfire Infusion”? It changes the name of Wildfire bomb 3 times and any macro I have tried so far won’t use any of the 3. I have tried adding all 3 names, as well as just using Wildfire Bomb. Nothing has worked so far. Any advice?

Hey all,

I think I’ve improved this a little, but I would like your assistance and feedback on the structure of my script. I know what I want to do, but not necessarily the best way to do it.


  • Shrapnel Bomb changed to Wildfire Bomb
  • Improved uptime on serpent sting
  • More frequent use of Raptor Strike

Let me know what you think.