Sweeping Strikes - Classic


I’m wanting to put this wow macro into GSE.

/castsequence reset=15 Sweeping Strikes, Berserker Stance, Berserker Rage, Whirlwind

The issue I see is Berzerker Rage needs a delay added after activation to build a rage level so Whirlwind can function.

I’d also like to add Cleave to follow Whirlwind.

This is the first GSE I’ve tried so it’s probably all wrong. What I have is below. Parts mixed from other macros so props to the relevant authors.

Any help appreciated.


If you want to have Cleave follow Whirlwind, don’t use a /castsequence, but just use /cast Whirlwind, Cleave

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The issue you will have is the rage.

You can simply use the Swifty SS AOE combo castsequence when you pump 50 rage.

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