Sweet charge macro! (not just charge and hamstring)

Soooo,I made a pretty good charge/intervene macro for my war and i thought I’d contribute since this site has helped me out alot!

This macro casts charge (on mouse over if it exists), Hamstrings (on mouse-over if it exists), casts intervene on mouse-over ally and uses victory rush if the proc is up (haven’t tried it with impending vic yet)

I am yet to find any bugs with this and before anyone asks, it prioritizes intervene and mouse-overs over anything else :slight_smile:

#showtooltip charge
/cancelaura bladestorm
/cancelaura hand of protection
/cast Victory Rush
/cast [@mouseover,harm,exists] charge; charge
/cast [help, @mouseover,help,exists] Intervene
/cast [@mouseover,harm,exists] hamstring; hamstring


If you guys figure out anything else that you can add to it or find any bugs/issues let me know and I’ll try sort it out! :slight_smile: