Tbc bm hunter top dmg for me

I am BM hunter level 68 and doing dungeons and questing. Questing is giving me around 400 dps and Dungeons i can hit 700+ with buffs or dungeons little lower then my level.

i do not know how to post macros. This is mix and match of few macros. so bare with me.

/cast [nopet,nodead] Call Pet; [@pet,dead] Revive Pet

/cast Hunter’s Mark
/cast Bestial Wrath

/cast Steady Shot

/use [exists,target=pettarget] Kill Command

Macro press one. Puts hunters mark on the target, pet attacks and Beastial Wrath fires off. No Auto shot. I can do it but i want the pet to get aggro before me.

second press Fires Steady Shot. i want 0.10 of a second for auto to fire and press macro again for Steady shots and auto shots. Once you fire of the Auto shot you can igore it. Each press of the macro will always fire one Auto shot after steady. ALWAYS.

When kill Command is active, it FIRES off and you need to press the macro Twice to carry on.

So press macro once. then Press macro every 1.6 seconds. Every 6 seconds or so press it Twice.

So easy. Has been working from 60 to 66. 66 got Kill command and since then to 68 has been working awesome.