Tbc wow hunter macro [concussive shot] and [steady shot]

hi i am trying to use a macro that cast concussive shot and then steady shot. well sounds easy but i am also trying to cast steady shot again after i hit the macro and cast steady shot again and ignore the cool down from concussive shot… i tried everything and concussive shot cool down is blocking me from triggering another steady shot .steady shot has no cool down just concussive shot and thats whats keeping me from triggering steady shot again within that cool down from concussive shot… here is the macro i am using atm … please what would you do differently to have a macro to ignore the cool down a second time around …

#showtooltip Steady Shot
/castsequence reset=target/combat Concussive Shot, Steady Shot

the macro hits once thats fine but the second time around i can’t hit steady shot with out the cooldown of concussive shot zeroed out!

That’s how castsequence works. The only way you will get past this is to use GSE and put these into separate actions. There is no way to achieve what you are after in a normal macro.

you could add more Steady Shots at the end …

/castsequence reset=target/combat Concussive Shot, Steady Shot, Steady Shot, Steady Shot, Steady Shot

the above ex. will cast Concuss 1x then Steady Shot 4x before it will try to cast Concussive again.
then all you gotta do is add or delete one steady shot or more untill they line up just right because you can only cast so many steady shots untill the CD refreshes on Concussive :slight_smile:

Trick i use for Destro Locks trying to line up Immolate CD and Dot … so i dont over cast immolate but still get filler spell in

thanks ya I’ll have to try this even though I think I did some kind of simulation for it and it still didn’t do what I was looking for … but u have to remember its not for retail its for classic … i have a hunter on classic and a destro lock on retail ….I have been taking some time off from retail once 10.0.7 came out only because I have been playing non stop since release at the end of November 2022… i keep telling myself “back to basics”

ya thats what I thought I just found myself having an extra 3-5 seconds left for another shot of steady shot and i wanted to work one in but using a simple macro wont allow me to achieve this … so i just clamed defeat and dealt with the 3-5 seconds of silence …

Do you mean wrath ? you state TBC and there is no official TBC servers, they never kept them like they did classic era and SoM. so typo or for private tbc, which isnt supported last ive heard from GSE.

side note, cast sequence is how you would do it, altho that will never ignore a GCD and will lock up. GSE can do this

a click macro may also get you a bit closer but still far from perfect.
#showtooltip Steady Shot
/castsequence reset=target/combat Concussive Shot, Steady Shot
/click (name of the button your steady shots on here without brackets)

but this will also click at times it should Concussive Shot sometimes.

if memory serves in game put steady shot on any bar button, then type /fstack and hove rover that button, it should give you the name of it, thats what you enter after the /click
then /fstack to turn the extra info back off

Just a quick follow up , The macro that I am using right now for this discussion is:

#showtooltip Steady Shot
/castsequence reset=target/combat Concussive Shot, Steady Shot
/cast steady shot
/cast steady shot
/cast steady shot

so as it shows the macro performs /cast concussive shot, It then /cast steady shot, and then i am able to /cast another steady shot following the first one. After that sequence the macro is useless until the 10 second cool down expires on the concussive shot, thus allowing me to wash rinse and repeat… I managed to some how incorporate it into my rotation. i am happy with this macro i just hate idle time or in this case idle seconds… #idlehandsarethedevilsworkshop

thanks so much for all your help


i only get 2 steady shots out of that macro sequence but by that time the ten second cd expires…


i timed it after the macro sequence is over i still have 6 seconds left on the concussive shot cd

any normal macro that has more than 1 spell with a CD/multiple /cast lines will lockup like your describing.

You can get pretty close to what you want it to do with GSE but again, your claiming it to be TBC and there arnt any official TBC classic servers hence GSE wont support it.

this is the second time someone mentioned GSE . what exactly is it? ya i am on the wrath of lich king servers… just casual play though so nothing to serious .

GSE is gnomesequencer its an advanced macro addon for wow retail and classic versions. its the very reason for this site mainly. You also specifically stated TBC in your title