Technical Question

Hey Everyone, I have a technical question regarding the add-on. I recently had to reset my desktop and the only files I saved were my add-ons. I wish I had backed up my entire Warcraft folder but sadly wasn’t able to do so. I wanted to know if anyone could tell me if it was possible to resurrect all of my macros from the add-on file? I fear the macro data might have been saved elsewhere and all my hard work is lost. I tried just replacing the new add-ons folder with the old one but none of my old macros were there. If the data containing the macro is saved to another folder/file which one is it? Perhaps I can attempt to recover this data. I appreciate any help I can get from the community. Thanks!

Check here:
World of warcraft>retail>WTF>Account>“Account Name”>SavedVariables> GSE.lua and GSE.lua.bak
for your files if you can get to your original files

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None of the data for any of your addons is saved In the Addons folder. Everything is saved in WoW’s WTF folder. This is the only place addons have access to save information.

This is why uninstalling and reinstalling an addon and doing nothing about the data in the WTF folder won’t fix any addon issue in WoW.

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Alright, I appreciate the information and might be able to recover that folder. Fingers crossed.