Thank You All

well isnt patch 6.0.2 fun… been tearing my hair out as everything was broken, so thank you all very much for taking the time and trouble to get working macros back [particularly Brad, whose macros i seem to be using the most]. took a while to figure out the swap bars but now im back and rolling…

Thank you! And im now officially a Bald Man. It has been a hair puller that’s for sure. Been working on Feral, Shaman, Warrior, DK, Pally, Warlock, and Hunter. BUSY BUSY BUSY. I too would like to give a big thank you to everyone else in the community for working together and getting our Macros back on track.

Well I had the honour of dealing with Brad, and anybody that had will agree one hell of a bloke and very willing to help others.

If Blizzard had people like this the game would be 110% beter as he has patience and explains himself well.

Cheers Bud
your help was really appreciated

Its been a super assed pain in the arse, Thats certainly for sures.

But we raiders are pretty resilient. We will keep on tweaking and learning. Hopefully before we start doing our progressions again. :stuck_out_tongue: