Thank you everyone thats created macros!

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you creators! I know the simple thing to do would be create your own macros and keep it to yourself and not go to the trouble of loading to this website for everyone to use as well. But you guys choose to do so and also update your macros and answer questions. I understand how everyone’s time is important. But you all need to heart this from me. With my ability to not use all the buttons needed to compete at a high level in this game you guys have changed the game for me literally. I’ve used so many macros from here over the past 5 years if not longer and I have had good times in wow that would not have been as enjoyable without you all! You are very important and your doing a good thing! THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS


hi joshua, thanks for the kind words. GSE makes many things much more fun and help a lot of people. Cheers and thanks to Timothy Luke for the good work. Raise our glass and have a nice weekend.

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I second this wholeheartedly because without this site , GSE and the effort that goes into these macros I would not be able to play WoW above a very casual level at best. So thank you to everyone and keep up the wonderful work.

Not sure if you have used any of my macros but that’s ok, I’d still like to say you are more than welcome Joshua. The only motivation I need to continue to make macros is a thankful community :slight_smile:

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I am currently using your shadow priest st macro. And I am using Borland and Theisaran’s Balance druid macros. But I know everyone works very hard and thank you