The best macro i have tried

the best i have tried is @John-Metz fury warrior. no issues whatsoever

the next best is the sub rogue of @John-Metz the only issue with this is the uptime of rupture. the rest is okay

any other classes where GSE works well? i think it works well with proc/ straight forward classes. and NOT CASTERS.

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Hello there @bagnyemas

I see your just joined the forum, but instead of asking what macros works better than others…

I encourage you to learn all the how to’s and the whys and its quirk’s before beggin without giving.

My advice is to try every class and spec, and choose by yourself and in the way learn and make macros!


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@lloskka hi sir can i just ask. what is the point of othe macro maker saying i made this in “75 ms” or 150 ms or what? is there a relevance to he speed of clicking the macro?

For that, u need to understand how it works

Theres mathematics involved on how and why they perform, on the gse code ( call it like packet actions ).

If you’re somewhat a beginner programer / coder u will understand it very easy.

For starters, last masterclass :

Then you can proceed to read all the topics related.


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