The reality of hunters in Legion for macroing..

So… tried MM last night in raid. With a 728 gear level, and running one of the GSE macros, I was doing 60-80k depending on the fight. That was better than most of my team, but…

When looking at AskMrRobot logs, the best pull, which was 80k, was only 25% percentile of similar geared hunters.

The Marked shot mechanic is going to be a thorn in the side of any MM hunter using macros. There’s no way of optimizing macros to adjust for a random proc like that.

I’ve also tried quite a few BM macros on the dummies, and BM’s damage is lower overall, and has a key problem with Cobra Shot. If you add it in a macro, you’ll always be fighting focus starvation, and if you leave it out, it’s too much of a dps loss. BM also seems to be just a mess when you have Dire Beasts, Murder of Crows, and Stampede all out at once.

I’m not happy at all with the state of hunters this time around.

Exactly. Which is why I am parking my BM in Legion (if I play this expac at all). Am thinking the same thing regarding my Shadow Priest.

Well, I haven’t seen any problem at all, No hunter yet did more dmg then me even watched streams of people play manually who could not do more deeps with around the same gear.

Use the addon: Pawn and import these strings for your hunter.

This shows you wich items are better for your current spec.

Stats pro spec

Marksman: Weapon DPS; Agility; Mastery; Haste; Versatility; Critical Strike.
(Crit last, so our old BiS gear is shit now)

Beast Mastery: Agility; Mastery; Haste; Critical Strike; Versatility; Weapon DPS.
(The same as in the past)

Survival: Agility; Weapon DPS; Versatility; Critical Strike; Haste; Mastery.

This is all according to Simulations, tests and on icy-veins they call it logical thinking.

I have a different opinion on this point.

Focus Starved on BM -> No problem kill command costs less focus then Cobra Shot wich gives it prio in the order they fire… Dire Beast can allways be cast.

They want you to only cast Cobra Shot as a Focus dumper when you’re about to get more then 90focus. Only to make sure you can use all spells whenever you want instead of waiting a second for 30 focus.

For Marksman, just use barrage when it’s ready to use (Fix the wait time for focus, just make a different Sequence for barrage and focus-gainers) problem solved.
You know that AskMisterRobot is updating everything cause some software isn’t up to date?
Maybe the other hunters just have better gear then you but still the same Ilvl wich gives them a dps advantage.

It’s all working fine, we need to get used to new talents, stat prio’s and our rotation (even knowing how to play propper the sequences.



PS. If you see problems with current macros, just tell the creators.
This way we don’t know wich macros you’re talking about.


I see your points, but both BM and MM still have those issues that will inhibit us compared to someone manually doing the rotations (well). There’s no way to do the optimal MM rotation with a macro, since you want sidewinders after an auto, and before marked trying to stack vulnerability.

The cobra dump is a similar issue, BM is really clunky in that regard.

And I still don’t like that both require an AOE spell in their single target rotations.

If I didn’t hate raiding as melee so much, I’d go feral for this expac.

Well to be honest with everyone if you don’t like the rotation that is in place with a macro you have a couple of choices in the matter.

A. Try to work on changing the Macro around to fit your play style
B. Don’t use a Macro.

A Macro will not always be a perfect rotation however Not everyone here is trying to be a Mythic Raider or PVP Expert and I say for what 90+ % of us do, do on the game I say this is far better than being a button smasher at the end of the day. This website states the facts in its name, LAZY!!! Yes we would love a perfect world but sometimes it just good to have what we do have. Thank you and thank you all for all your hard work on forming what to every person in here’s idea of a perfect Macro.

Couldnt agree more Dugrall

The dps is good Dark.
However what KJ Williams is talking about if I understood correctly. Was not that the dps was bad but on the ranking for wowprogress and ask mr robot is not high up there and never will be compared to manual use.
Personally I care more for dps then ranking on a website.

Where’s the thumbs up botton! :wink:

[quote quote=30612]Use the addon: Pawn and import these strings for your hunter. This shows you wich items are better for your current spec.

Those values are a bit outdated, but will work fine.

I’m using the older GS (Not GSE) and my macros are working Just fine with room to improve, I’m almost always top of the Dps in dungeons with the exception of certain class bursts but then I return to the top after, so sustained dps is apparently the BM’s new bread and butter, if you wanna try it out my macro can be found here.