The value of starting with a clean slate

I’ve been using GSE for a long time. As someone who’s in their late-50s and still wants to raid with much younger friends I’ve met in-game, it’s an invaluable tool to continue to do so. I suffer from a spot of RSI and my fingers aren’t what they used to be. While I’ll never be like the top-tier guys, at least I’m contributing to raids and dungeons. GSE lets me concentrate on mechanics and reactionary abilities while not having to worry too much about my basic rotation.

However, as I’ve been using GSE now since GSE1, the GSE.lua (much like my aging self) has gained a little weight. I discovered this because saving macros had become slow in the past and yesterday ceased to function at all. I also discovered that my macros seemed to be losing effectiveness as well as DPS had dropped considerably. Upon investigation, it seemed to have a few legacy macros in there from previous versions that pushed the file to over 100k (and I have a lot of alts, so there was a lot of old stuff in there). 100k doesn’t sound like a lot, but something there was causing issues. Perhaps it’s because I use a lot of other add-ons.

So anyway, after taking a backup of it, blowing it away and reimporting the macro strings in the GSE3Storage section of the backed-up file, it seems to be a lot more responsive. I regained my DPS. Editing and saving macros worked again.

So if you’re having the same issues, consider starting against with a clean slate … that is by moving your old \WTF\Account<account>\SavedVariables\GSE.lua file aside, restarting the game with a new slate, and importing only the GSE3Storage strings that you need right now.

I hope this tip helps someone.


I do the same thing with all my Addons at the beginning of every new expansion.