Thought... Character Profile MS setting

Since I have been playing more I’ve been adding to my Alt Vault. Because of this I have a lot of different roles with a lot of different macros. Would there be a way to have the built in MS controller be character specific or at least the option to make it character specific?

This way my VDH macro running at 100MS will be unique to that toon and when I swap to my Sub Rogue his 250MS macro will already be ready to go, no changes needed.

Currently I have to first remember that I need to changenthen go into the setting to do so. However, that first step is a lot harder for me and my goldfish brain.

As this is controlled outside the game and the value inside the game is you telling GSE what speed you have set in things outside the game, which GSE uses for mathematical computational things, I’m not sure what you are expecting to happen here between characters.

I think I got it. My understanding was that with the setting in GSE that says it controls the MS delay/tick rate was an independent module. An independent module that would be able to be maintained in a file/folder system that could be unique to each character.

To clarify…
I guess I was thinking it could managed by a single file equation that with some of that TLuke magic could be replicated to a account>server>toon structure that would let each settings config become an individual ‘loadout’

At any rate I always appreciate your responses! Thanks!

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Nope - that value in GSE is you telling GSE what you have done in AHK/GHub/etc so it knows how to count. GSE has no other way of telling time as it has no idea what you have done externally to the game.

That setting could be char specific - raise an enhancement on GSE’s GitHub and I’ll add it to the list of what I am working on