Thundrax-Feral macro

Ive been testing a lot of macro’s the past few weeks for my feral druid but never found one that suited my specific needs. i kept getting lower then average dps from them so i decided to scrap all my macro’s and build a few new ones taking inspiration from several macro’s posted here. I really liked the builder/spender idea in Spinnaker’s setup so decided to go for an almost equally interesting build using a bunch of different talents.

The main aim for the macro is getting the most combo points as soon as possible and rip the enemy a new A**hole using brutal slash and thrash for added damage on extra mobs.

LEVEL 15- Bloodtalons: refreshing the rip and added damage to ferosius bite. Yes please!nn this talent saves you a lot of tracking
LEVEL 30- Wild Charge: Really doesnt matter that much what you pick here
LEVEL 45- Balance Affinity: extending the range of your abilities can be usefull at times
LEVEL 60- Typhoon: again utility, you choose
LEVEL 75- Soul of the Forest: Getting 5 energy on a finishing move +5% damage not that bad
LEVEL 90- Brutal Slash: Works best at this moment
Level 100- Blood Talons: just to good to pass up!

Note: im already working on a new build so this may be outdated pretty soon

*** Thundrax_builder ***
Talents 2313123

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.04.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Survival Instincts

KeyPress: Prowl, Cat Form

Main Sequence: Swipe, Shred, Tiger’s Fury, Thrash, Berserk, Rake

KeyRelease: Regrowth

*** Thundrax Spender ***
Talents 2313123

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.04.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

KeyPress: Rip, Cat Form

Main Sequence: Ferocious Bite

*** FAQ ***
Q: why did you choose talent X over talent Y?
A: This seems to work best for my playstyle but please feel free to move them around, if you get betterresult please let me know!

Q: what ms whould i be running this macro?
A: im a button pusher what mease press them on manual! works best for me

Q: Cant you make this a one button macro?
A: nope nope and nope orgiginally i was planning on doing it but found out pretty soon that it was nearly impossible to do

Q: Any tips on playing feral?
A: Enjoy it, its not always top dps and we are dependand on procs/rng but its fun… always aim to be top 5!


  1. go for a 5 combo point rip even if thats meaning that you might be wasting a combo point!
  2. For ferocious bit try hitting the sweet spot for example open with a shred (2cp) rake (1cp) thrash (1cp) that 4 cp’s hit Ferocious bite now!
  3. try to aim a finisher with Blood Talons active for the added effect!
  4. while questing dont be bothered to much with applies of rip go straight for Ferocious bites, this works best for me hope it does for you
  5. In dungeon’s on multiple mobs (elite); go for 5 cp rips on target 1 kill target 2 etc.
  6. Feel free to expiriment with the build! keep me updated!
  7. most important! enjoy playing kitty!