TL Priority List.

I’m tryng to respond to everything and everyone’s problem but I cant track everything everywhere. I’m getting stuff on Curse, Discord, Here, Youtube, Battlenet, Email and SMS. The master set that I am working from is on GitHub - If your issue is not in that list you need to get it onto that list as if its not there I’m not actively working on it. Its not personal, and no I dont hate you specifically, I hate everyone.

No seriously its fallen through the deluge of information that i just cant process everything coming in at once. Why just this list? There are threads on the forum that are a cluttered jumble in a big pile that says “GSE2” and then there are the duplicate threads of “Problem with GSE2” created by those that didn’t read GSE2. On Git I can track the problem and link duplicates back to the original and close them. I can also tie code updates to the specific issue so that if a fix for one thing breaks something else I know why i made that first change.

I am trying to triage issues people are getting but these are my priorities:


  • Trace why some macros are going to GSELibrary[0] when they have a valid SpecID (#188)
  • Command task to resort macros into classes (#187)
  • Handle Text SpecID - follow on from #184 (#186)
  • Add Sorting Labels to Macro Viewer so that sorted macros are easier to understand (#185)

After that

  • Finish updating HP Macros for 7.1.5

How did we get here.
I started working on GSE2 seeing the problems that I just couldn’t fix and the changes coming in 7.1.5 in late October last year. I posted what I was planning and asked for feedback along the way. That feedback was incorporated and I created a first build noting that not everthing was finished and a number of closed Alphas were released via Discord. There were a group of testers that broke things and reported problems. These problems were fixed. On December 24 a Beta version was released via Curse. It has 1292 downloads. Again problems that were reported were fixed in the subsequent versions. 7.1.5 hit and I have been playing Triage every since. 7.1.5 had three pre release versions - each ranging form 100 - 300 downloads. Again reported problems were fixed and GSE2 was released. Since then we have had three updates.

Some people are getting common problems and these are what I am trying to fix. Some people are getting quirks and right now I’m not focusing on those to try to get to a point where the majority of people can play and raid this week/weekend is where my focus is.

There are a few things that I want to go back to eventually but they are cosmetic things like the UI in Elv is not pretty. Its clean in the standard wow frames but its hard to tell whats enabled/disabled in Elv. This is something that is so far down the totem pole that I will get to eventually but its not a priority.

2.0.4 updated onto Curse.

Hi Tim,

As an older person who loves GSE, I would like to thank you for all you are doing. I am not sure how much I could cope playing the game without the macros. They help me get to play the game more without having to try to remember and looking down to see what keys I should be hitting in order to stay alive :confused:

Thank you