TL’s guide to making macros

This are my tips on going from not knowing anything about macros to being a macro writing pro:

  1. Everybody started knowing nothing. You are no different. It’s only hard because You havnt done it yet. Get Gud!

  2. Nobody knows everything. Learn how to do things like using a search engine. is more useful than creating threads saying does any one have a macro for x as macros are hard. If you think macros are hard see step 1. There is nothing new under the sun - google how someone else has achieved what you are trying to do and adapt.

  3. Macros take time. One of the other reasons that macros seem hard is that you need to put the time in testing and tweaking. Even getting someone else’s macro if you want it to be good you need to put in the time. Lazy people think macros are too hard. Again if you think macros are hard see step 1 and remember That really you just couldn’t be bothered.

  4. Learn how conditionals and commands work. Learn the limitations on macros. Seriously this will prevent you asking how to cast an aoe spell on a target like the last 50 people did earlier this week. (If you looked into limitations you would understand that you can’t do this - this knowledge will save you goes of time and prevent a lot of frustration.)

  5. Realise that the limitations can be worked around if you have enough (a) patience and (b) willingness to think outside the box to achieve what you want to do. if you can’t do it straight out, can you loop to it or cause it to happen another way?

  6. Just because it works for someone one way doesn’t mean it will automatically work the same way for you.

  7. If you are not prepared to put in the time testing and tweaking you won’t get near what a sim tells you is possible. Also sims are a guide not a rule.