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Based on a BFA macro from Bragna@turalyon This is a simple Prot Macro that I use with GSE3

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.0.08.

I use this as a Kyrian and a Venthyr. Ashen Hallow is built into this but DIvine Toll is left out for manual use as I use it for an interrupt.


Thank you very much. will deff give this one a try. Great way to test out this GSE3

@Siodar did copy the macro. been running it this evening when doing my first quest in the maw. it runs smooth so far and lockups. so far the rotation feels nice. deff worth to give it a try
Been able to copy pasta, the link above with no problem at the import. have you tried to remove the old macro, and add this one new. instead of merge and rename… ?

thank you. i need to figure out why i’m having a issue. i really appreciate the reply. there was no old macro til today. i cant see the macro to delete it and try to reimport. lol

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I would suggest checking you have class macros turned on - if you don’t it will filter to current spec only. It might also be worth turning on Global macros and seeing if it has imported into the wrong place.


found the issue. operators headspace. not reading more than 1 word in the title of this forum.

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Does not work well for me, power spender is only outside the loop block wich contains a lot of blocks and set to 3 loops as priority, wich means you can wait a long time for Shield of the Righteous to get fired. I find the recommendation to use this macro a bit odd. Might be my ms that makes this macro garbage to me though, but really not effective for me at all.

I also manually hit WoG and SotR situationally so that may also be difference. I never write “lazy” macros I write for how I play and if you don’t play how I do you will get differences between my results and yours.

This is working great so far for me, excellent macro @TimothyLuke.

Thanks, it works great.

silly question what ms are you applying for this macro

320MS when on my PC and manually when on my Mac.

I’m really liking this macro, it works great. I have a question about the syntax in the macro, why the KeyPress and KeyRelease before and after each action? I was having a problem when the new version first came out in which it was spamming KeyRelease into chat for some reason. I couldn’t find the error so I just deleted all the KeyPress and KeyRelease commands from each block from the entire macro and it still seemed to work without a problem. Just wondering exactly what those commands are needed for?

Because there are overrides that if I hold left control or alt it does something different to what in in the block. If it’s not on each block then I have to manually add these lines each time and if I change them - I have to change them on every block rather than once.

The keyRelease variable adds for me to use my trinket on my focus to each time.

If it’s spamming the words KeyRelease or KeyPress you have deleted the variables from the end of the macro.

I’m GSE2 KeyPress and KeyRelease were mandatory every click. In GSE3 it’s a choice to use or not.

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Ahhh, makes sense. Thank you for the explanation, ALSO I’m not spamming chat anymore thanks to you my friend LOL