To all users of the Macros

You all need to understand that the creators that are making macros for all classes and specs, do so without actually main every class they put out macros for. they are putting out a cookie cutter version that works for them. Any that they are mainly playing are gonna be alot better put together for everybody that play that class/spec. The others are on YOU to tweak to your playstyle. So dont get angry or pushy toward the Creators if they dont do your changes. just ask them if they can help with your changes and the Creator will in a more intiment setting. You all that bagger the creators for changes are just gonna make them stop posting here.

And to all those that seem to want to argue about the Blizz MS rule. take it up with Blizzard not these Creators forums. Blizzard is the one who decides on what to ban or not. Any MS could get you banned. it is up to them. The 250ms that is put out here, is just to keep people safe from being banned (hopefully) becuse it looks like a human is casting all those commands, not a bot.

Thank you for your time.


Great post Siodar

It needs to be added though that the 250 is a guide to make you less likely to be banned. No value is safe. Just numbers lower than this are exponentially less safe than numbers higher. Blizzard know that you’re using AHK or similar and not naturally clicking but they let it go as you are not obtaining an advantage over other players by doing so. In Blizzard’s eyes anyone using AHK, Razer Synapse etc are cheaters who should be banned outright for breaching the terms of service.

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thank you @TimothyLuke, i thought i said that, but i had so much info i was going to write, that i could of forgot that. i really appreciate you adding that.