To everyone and anyone using Elfyau's Macros

Hi, I have been tinkering with lots of different things to try and improve my macro’s outputs, to this end I would really love some help and feedback. I have always said to run all of my macros @70ms, what I would like you to do if you could is to run them @20ms and let me know how it goes and with what macros you have tried it with. Thanks in advance, Elfyau.


I use use you macros at 0ms but move the know cool down spells to a separate key on a separate macro sf the same speed. Your arms macro for example is 2k below sim at 462 ilvl. Fury is 4-5k.

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I’ll give the ones I use a god run at 20ms. I’ll let you know as I play each class and spec.

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@grinnz-marius @Siodar Thank you :slight_smile:

seems for me that your macros sweet spot is anywhere between 25-40ms…just my 2 pennys…personally running at 25ms

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@No54A2 thank you that’s awesome to know :slight_smile:

I was initially testing if there was a difference with spell queue window at 250 instead of the standard 400 when i checked the forum and saw this thread.

I have been doing single target damage test with your RET macro on the single raider dummy in orgrimmer and compared the results with 20ms and 70ms aswel as with different spell queue window.

These tests are 1.5 minute runs (until crusade is off cooldown again) with a 455 ilvl ret paladin

70ms(spell queue window=400): 42k, 38.5k, 41.5k, 37k, 35k Average: 38.8k
70ms(spell queue window=250): 34k, 40.5k, 47k, 35k, 37k Average: 38.7k

So after doing 5 tests with each spell queue window setting, it seems it does not make a difference in dps. I decided to go for the 250ms because it allows faster interrups etc when the queue is shorter.

Then i did 10 tests with 20ms instead of the 70ms, as the 2x5 tests before was pretty much the same average. So i figured 10 tests is decent enough for accurate results. Here is the results:

20ms(spell queue window=250): 43k, 42k, 43.5k, 38.5k, 37k, 38.5k, 41.5k, 35k, 43k, 42k Average: 40.4k

It actually improved my average dps with 1.7k and did seem to hang a bit less.

But rememer, many azerite traits, essences and corruptions have random procs, that is why the minimum and maximum numbers in the tests can vary a lot.

Edit: Just for your information, in a 90 sec fight, sim says that i should do 46,6k dps, but 4.9% of that is Shield of Vengeance which is not used against the dummy. So without that, 44.345 is the correct sim number against the dummy. And now doing 40.4k dps means that i am now doing 91.1% of what sim says is possible. Very good results indeed!

Edit 2: Sorry for the long post

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@Mike_Patterson don’t be sorry about the post, awesome feedback!! Thank you very much!! :slight_smile: I seem to be getting slightly better results (or more steady DPS/HEALS) using 20ms. So far so good lol Thanks again!