Top Dps Class with Lazy Macros

Just curious to know what class performs the best using lazy macros. I wanting to make an alt, and curious the dps that each class put out with the macros.

From all the macros’s I have created and tested, I would say my Destro Lock seems to be my best one. My Surv and BM Hunter ones are a very close second. The others are what I would say still a work in progress, from others the Death Knights seem to be very good, BM Monk is done very well, and the healer ones are decent. Disc Priest seems to be the easiest to macro, where Holy Pally seems to be the hardest.

My best dps from all my 7 classes is my melee druid - this was proven last night when I took my druid to ToT for the first 10 bosses and last night took my mage thinking it would way out dps the druid but alas it didn’t.

Although the mage beats them all when in any aoe situation.

My lock is 530 ilvl and Michael I used your macro and am flat out getting 100k dps so I don’t know what I am doing wrong there - do you use RoF constantly or only when in an aoe situation. I am lazy so only use RoF to start an aoe fight to build embers then spam with F@B activated. I can’t be bothered on a single target boss fight to stop the macro every 4 incinerates to apply RoF then restart the macro etc.

Hi Michael,

I average about 110k on my Destro Lock if I go the Mastery way not the Haste way. The extra DoT from Chaos Bolt does actually help in terms of higher DPS. The guild I was in the Locks there were using my macro and one ended up doing over 200k with it. As for me, I’m really lazy, I don’t use RoF at all unless it’s AoE. Even then though I don’t use it too often because I’m usually at full embers.

I normally use MJ’s macros and some he’s helped me with. My BM Hunter is 538 I can do 208k on twins heroics with it. I do 296k on Horridon Heroic. I have focus fire and kill shot by itself. Big props MJ for all the help you have given me and others! Cheers mate

my hunter is ilvl 518 and i pull a sustained 115k dps in tot 5man with bursts up to 150 and AOE up to 300k, and i only use lazy macros

err 10man