Torghast not working with Scenario option in configuration

Torghast not working with Scenario option in configuration.

I have tested this out but as of this posting Torghast is registering as the Party option in the Configuration section. I expect it to be the scenario section when I am not in a party and according to the github.

Has this been updated yet?

If you are solo it will use scenario. If you are in a party … it will use the party option as … you are in a party. This is how scenarios have been configured in GSE for about 4 years.

Why would it have changed? Was it raised on GitHub as something to change? If so it would have been investigated and if you look through GSE’s release notes you could check. Releases · TimothyLuke/GnomeSequencer-Enhanced · GitHub for around mid December last year verified that GSE uses the scenario option for Torghast following how scenario versions are employed.

Every change in GSE starts and ends with a ticket on GitHub. You can say all you like in this forum but until it gets to GitHub nothing will be done about it. I don’t read every thread and ignore 98% of the threads posted here because I don’t play every class and if it was important enough someone would raise it where it mattered.