Tradeskills Combined into one hotkey

I’m fairly new at trying my hand at writing macros and I’ve been trying to figure out ways to organize my action bars more effeciently. As such I wanted to put all my tradeskills into one hotkey which I was able to do. But this does more than just puts tradeskills into one hotkey, it utilizes both the left and right mouse buttons with additional modifiers.

For instance I wanted to be able to open my main tradeskill which is inscription with a click of a button, but also be able to mill herbs by clicking the other button. Then I’ve added in cooking under the Ctrl key modifier under the left mouse button and by holding Ctrl and right clicking it will cast your campfire. I did the same for acheaology and survey using Alt modifier. And shift I used for fishing and first aid. Of course this could easily be altered with other tradeskills, but this has allowed me to put all these tradeskills into an easily manageable button for my side action bar.

Here is the code I used. If anyone has any suggestions on how to make it any better, please do tell as this was my first attempt at creating my own macro.

/cast [nomod,btn:1] Inscription; [nomod,btn:2] Milling; [mod:shift,btn:1] Fishing; [mod:shift,btn:2] First Aid; [mod:alt,btn:1] Archaeology; [mod:alt,btn:2] Survey; [mod:ctrl,btn:1] Cooking; [mod:ctrl,btn:2] Cooking Fire