Tranquilizing Shot, Binding Shot and Intimidation

Hello, I have another problem, is it possible to pack these 3 capabilities into a macro so that I can always use the ability that has gein cooldown : Tranquilizing Shot, Binding Shot and Intimidation ?

greetings stefan

/castsequence [mod:ctrl,nochanneling,combat,@cursor] reset=10/combat Tranquilizing Shot, Binding Shot, Intimidation

Hello, thank you very much for your quick answer, unfortunately it doesn’t work for me. I once attached my GSE entries below what am I doing wrong? :pensive:


/cast [@pet,dead] Tier heilen
/castsequence [mod:shift,@cursor,combat] Wilde Geister, Aspekt der Wildnis
/castsequence [mod:alt, @cursor] reset=combat Teerfalle, Leuchtfeuer
/castsequence [mod:ctrl,nochanneling,combat,@cursor] reset=10/combat Einlullender Schuss, Bindender Schuss, Einschüchterung


/cast Zorn des Wildtiers
/cast Tötungsbefehl
/castsequence reset=combat Stachelpfeil, Tötungsbefehl
/cast Kobraschuss
/cast Tödlicher Schuss
/cast Aspekt der Wildnis


/castsequence reset=combat Stachelpfeil, Tötungsbefehl
/cast Tödlicher Schuss
/cast Tötungsbefehl

thank you very much, stefan

type /gse in game , find “options” , left side “macro reset” than click to " clear keybinds" … It will clear all your binded keyboard buttons.

If not work again, “/castsequence [mod:ctrl,nochanneling,combat,@cursor] reset=10/combat Tranquilizing Shot, Binding Shot” try with only 2 abilities.