Trickster's Vengeance

Warning! Long and technical explanations to follow.

TL,DR: Run this between 90-115ms depending on your haste. If you are consistently casting Demon Spikes when one charge comes off CD, it’s working right. If not, adjust. You can run it faster with more haste, slower with less.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, here is the macro. Please let me know how it works for people – I’m only ilvl 898, so I haven’t had the chance to test it against anything really tough yet. Any feedback is appreciated.

Sequences['Tricksters_Vengeance'] = {
-- This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.2.03.
  Author="Cegorach@Burning Legion",
  Talents = "1222331",
  Help = [[Casts 3x Shear, 1x Fracture, Spirit Bomb, 2x Shear, 2x Fracture, Spirit Bomb
Sigil of Flame on CD, Soul Carver on CD, Immolation Aura on CD.
Casts Demon Spikes and Infernal Strike every 13.5 seconds at 100ms and 10.5% haste. More haste = go faster. Less = go slower.]],
  MacroVersions = {
    [1] = {
      StepFunction = "Sequential",
        "/targetenemy [noharm][dead]",
        "/castsequence  reset=combat  Throw Glaive, Null",
        "/castsequence [mod:ctrl] reset=5  Spirit Bomb, Soul Cleave, Null",
        "/castsequence [@player, mod:alt] reset=5  Empower Wards, Sigil of Silence, Null",
        "/cast [@player] Infernal Strike",
        "/castsequence [nomod] Soul Carver, Spirit Bomb",
        "/cast [@player, nomod] Sigil of Flame",
        "/cast [nomod] Immolation Aura",
        "/castsequence [nomod] reset=ctrl Shear, Shear, Shear, Fracture, Spirit Bomb, Shear, Shear, Fracture, Fracture, Spirit Bomb",
        "/cast Demon Spikes",

Now, here’s the full explanation.

First, some background. I recently returned to WoW after not playing since Wrath. I remembered having a ton of fun, but what I did not remember was just how annoying having to use an ability every 1.5 seconds was. So I was really glad to find this addon and forum, and decided I would put my CS skills to use making the game more fun for me to play.

The talent set up and rotation for this macro is straight off the Icy-Veins theory-crafting, so nothing too crazy to talk about there. I only find myself using Throw Glaive to pull, so I have it set to cast once at the start and then it drops out of the rotation.

The only other things on Key-press are defensives. Alt will cast Empowered Wards then Sigil of Silence for incoming magic damage. If you find yourself near capped on pain and needing a burst heal, ctrl will cast Spirit Bomb followed by Soul Cleave. This order is so that you still get your damage (and the healing from fraility that that gives), since your Soul Fragments will heal you equally whichever spell you use to consume them, and Soul Cleave’s healing is based off Pain, not Fragments.

Okay, into the main loop – here’s where I get a bit technical. Each time that you press the button for your macro, the macro advances one line through the loop. Since GSE is running on your WoW Client, rather than the server, the speed that it advances is based only on how quickly you (or Synapse, or AHK) press the button – lag doesn’t factor into it. This lets us time how often we want to use some abilities. I did a bit of math, and with four lines in the main body, a loop limit of 34 and a synapse speed of 100ms, the macro will execute the pre and post macro portions of the loop once every 13.6 seconds.

That number may sound arbitrary, but with my haste it turns out to be just a bit longer than the cooldown of Demon Spikes. (If you have a different amount of haste, adjust your AHK/synapse speed. Above 10.5%, go faster. Less haste, go slower.) By putting Infernal Strike in the pre-macro and Demon Spikes in the post-macro, the macro will cast each of them once every 13.6 seconds. This keeps a charge of Infernal Strike in reserve for mobility and a charge of Demon Spikes in reserve to respond as a defensive, while still using them on cooldown to maintain maximum uptime/DPS.

All that leaves is the main body of the macro which is very simple. It casts Soul Carver on CD, followed by Spirit Bomb to use up the Soul Fragments it generates. It casts Immolation Aura and Sigil of Flame on cooldown, and then the long cast sequence is the main feature. That sequence goes Shear x3, Fracture x1, Spirit Bomb x1, Shear x2, Fracture x2, Spirit Bomb x1. This balances pain generation (the first half) with pain spending (the second half) while using Spirit Bomb to use up the fragments created. This is the main portion that may still need tuning, and I’ll be glad to hear any feedback on it.

For those of you still reading, thanks for taking the time to read all this, and please let me know how it works for you and if you have any feedback or suggestions.

Wont import…Storage [string “Storage”]:1: ‘]’ expected near ‘s _ Vengance’ is the message im getting

Try it now – I think it didn’t like the name I chose. Looks like I’ll avoid apostrophes in the future.

i can test it out my DH is 925-930ilvl. sorry i have not been on for a week so i forget ilvl he is at

works really well

937 DH and I will gladly test for you when I get home this evening. Sounds like you put a LOT of thought and effort into this so I will be glad to test it out.

Thanks everyone for offering to test. I’m really looking forward to hearing how it works out for you.

Just as an update I just did a bit of testing myself. At ilvl 909 (I’ve been trying to catch up using Argus gear) I was able to get to 34 stacks of Uber Strike on the order hall raid tank dummy.