Trinkets not firing

Hey guys I have been searching forums for over an hour no with no answer that is working. I have pieced together my own DPS only macro for Disc and it is working great, however under no circumstances can I get GSE to pop my trinket. I tried /use [nochanneling] 13, and /use [nochanneling] 14, tried straight up just use 13 use 14 under key press, premacro, sequence, and key release, tried enabling trinket use through /gse and through interface>addons as well. Can anyone tell me what im messing up? I only have one trinket that is useable, I have tried it in both slots, no luck so far.

Copy and paste in the Key Release section then test the following on a dummy.

/use [combat] 13
/use [combat] 14

Still no luck:-(

Its working now. After I left my last RBG, it just started working.