Trinkets on use

Is there a way to set the new 10.2.6 use trinkets automatic on target ?
Problem now is gnome sequencer is trying to activate the trinket but the trinket needs a target/place to spawn but it wont do that and then gnome sequencer prevent the mouse and camera to spin so on my melee chars i can run around a npc. When i disable the trinket everything works fine.
Im using the Magma Serpent Lure trinket .

not at this moment or possibly at all. not sure if Blizz code allows this. Tim would know.

/use [@cursor] 13

Where 13 is the top slot and 14 is the bottom.

For more information Macro conditionals - Warcraft Wiki - Your wiki guide to the World of Warcraft these things are common and widely available.

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already tryed that. and the same with /use [@target] 13, /cast [@cursor] 13 and /cast [@target] 13 but nothing seems to auto use trinkets

Then you have another issue interfering with your UI. [@cursor] and [@player] are the onlymeans to automatically place an aoe targeted spell or ability. If they are present correctly the green circle and camera thing simply won’t appear. Note @target is not valid for an aoe targeted spell.

Trinkets and items MUST be /use not /cast. Use items, Cast spells and abilities. These are interchangeable in normal WoW macros but not GSE.

I am noticing a number of trinkets and abilities that are on the GCD but that is a different issue to the one you are describing.

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