trouble regarding lock ups in macroes

hello… first post :slight_smile: this is heaven for us thats disabled( 1 handed) :slight_smile:
anyway… Whats up with rogue macroes? keep locking up and i cant see the reason
i have put up a notepad with the code im running, and the debug log… i would be very happy if someone could take a look, coz, im a noob, when it comes to reading the logs… :blush: (plain notepad)

edit before posting… might be be world pvp talents thats crapping it up?
/cast [@focus,exists] Plunder Armor was in the macro im using, but no such thing on my toon…

edit2: wast the pvp talents… problem is still there… help?

Just post to the link to the script you are using so we can install it and check whats the issue, if u made it yourself then post the import code

I am having the same issue.
I am using Outlaw by VH
In looking at Code…
Blood Fury is in Red… It is an Orc Racial…
and I do not see a spell name that or a talent available for a gnome

I edited it out… and I am still just auto attacking…

necro’ing an old thread:

as a veteran myself these macros are the only way alot of people can play so I will definately do what I can to help yall …

hey @knuti - if your still around and see this message me I will get you up and running … i’ll write you a personal one we will make sure it works for ya

Knuti, whose macro are you using, I can load it and see whats up (I have no problems running anyone’s macros (as long as they are for 8.x)

You vcan past the macro link or if you want, copy paste the Keypress, Sequence, Pre/post and Keyrelase (if any code is there) into the thread, I can just look at code.

Also, list you talents and are you Alliance or Horde?