Trouble with AHK not firing off

It works PERFECTLY most of the time but then every so often the keys all stop repeating. I can double click the script and replace the existing one that is running and it will work again for a short bit then stop working. It does this garbage for a day or two then back to working perfectly every time. This is the same basic script I use which I copied from here long ago. The only changes I did were different keys and speeds. Is everyone having this issue or just me? Any clues why? I have checked for all the latest updates and everything is current.

#ifWinActive World of Warcraft

While ( GetKeyState( “1”,“P” ) ) {
if GetKeyState(“LShift”,“p”) {
Send {LShift down}{1}{LShift up}
} else {
Send, {1}
Sleep, 250


Outside of your script does AHK have a pause combo setup?

i use this and it always works

send {z}

Where would I put that?

No clue. Wouldn’t even have a clue where to look.

thats the entire script i use. super simple but it works for me. paste where you put the script.

Possibly an other window or application is taking top active window and this is causing it to stop?

#ifWinActive World of Warcraft

Maybe your letting go of the 1 key when pressing Left Shift?, these both need to be pressed

Doesnt seem to be anything wrong with the script so normal that means user or hardware issue

I don’t use any shift keys at all. No other windows or applications running accept the standard background ones.

Ok so now I’m really lost! I tried the script you posted and when I go to a blank document, it repeats the key until I let go. BUT… In Wow it doesn’t do ANYTHING except hit the key ONCE I doesn’t advance!

If I had any hair left I would be ripping it out now.