Trying to make a complicated macro

I’ve tried a handful of the mistweaver macros for healing. i’ve found a couple that do what i’d like, but it has to be done with two button in those macros. What I’m trying to do is to make a fistweaving macro that will allow you to fistweave as normal, but then when you hold down shift (or any other mod), you switch to pure heals. No fisticuffs. and, when you let go, it’s back to the knuckle dusting. Any takers?

Hi @thezeldrak. Here is how I would do it.
Create two GSE3 macros, named “Fistweaving” and “PureHeals” (you can name them what you want).

  • In the first one (“Fistweaving”), add all the spells you want, one spell per action block.

  • At the bottom, create a variable named “Modifiers” (it can be any name), and add the following line in the variable block:
    /click [mod:shift] PureHeals

  • Then, in each action block of “Fistweaving”, add (at the top of each block, on the first line of each block):

Finally, create your second macro, “PureHeals”, and add all the spells you want in it. This macro will be executed when you press [SHIFT + the hotkey that you assigned to “Fistweaving”].