Trying to set up a sequence that will skip gcd

I’m trying to set up a sequence that has several gcd.
Basically /castsequence power word: shield, power infusion, purge the wicked, schism, penance, mindgames, mind blast, smite, power word: solace, mind blast, smite, penance
but can’t get it to work using what i’ve learned about gse in a few days

Does anyone have any tips?

Tip: /castsequence is and has been broken by Blizzard for about…five expansions now with no fix any time soon. So I’d keep away from using it as sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

Thanks for the reply Deezyl,
I should have said that is the sequence more generally. That’s the sequence I’m trying to set up in gse. Are you saying blizz has made gse broken and it can’t be used to macro now?

/castsequence has been around longer than GSE. GSE IS NOT BROKEN-/castsequence is. The macro police won’t come to your house if you use /castsequence. Just expect different outcomes everytime you test your macro.

Ok great. So I was asking for help making that sequence work in gse…

Your question was extremely vague while you may have understood what you were trying to ask, it came across as why doesn’t this castsequence work in GSE. A bit more context or information would have helped. Also saying what was happening and what you had hoped to be happening would also have been useful.

In answer to the question you were asking as I understand it - you need to put each of those entries as individual /cast lines in their own actions. One GCD event per action. Then when you press it will cycle to the next action irrespective of success or failure. You may find then that the order you need is not the linear order you have in the castsequence so will need to adjust and experiment.

Cheers. Sorry for the vagueness.

Hi, ok so i think I’ve got it working ok. But i keep spamming chat…

You are spammin because you have either no Macro Variables created or due to you have not typed ~~ before and after KeyRelease and KeyPress.
Should look like this:

Best regards

its spamming chat because you have a keypress and key release functions, that you dont have defined (at the bottom of GSE)

rather than copy/paste what other macros look like, you should take a few moments to familiarize yourself on how GSE works.

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