Two Ability Macro Help Please!

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if GSE has the ability to macro two abilities into the same macro but only cast the first ability once every 7 seconds or reset after 7 seconds from the first key press on the macro.

More specifically I would like to macro Rushing Jade Wind and Tiger Palm into the macro. Rushing Jade Wind has a longer duration than the cooldown though so I am losing out on DPS due to casting it too frequently. Since I press Tiger Palm most often I would just like for the macro to cast Rushing Jade Wind instead once it’s duration is near ending, NOT when the cooldown is up.

I hope this made sense…

Thank you for any and all help, support and advice!

With GSE, there is no way to put abilities on a timer… the best way I see you being able to do this is to have Rushing Jade Wind on a modifier and with a weak aura that shows you the remaining time on your RJW, you press on the mod … if it could, it would be a bot.

I would check out macros located in the Brewmaster and/or Protection Paladin section; sometimes you can manually push back the cast time on certain abilities by using others to create a more stable time loop, which allows the ability more time to stick around before it is recast. I know Flash does this in his Protection Paladin macro for Consecrate, which has much the same issue as RJW in terms of the CD being much shorter than the duration.