Two spells in one keybind?

hey i have a macro for my hunter with the modifyer / cast [nochanneling, mod: shift, @ cursor] Wild Spirits is it possible to include trueshot there? so that with click shift trueshot is used first and then the spirits?

Hello Joker,

If I understand correctly for what you want, then maybe something like the following but might have to reset it in a condition like after X amount of seconds of not being pushed so it starts again with Trueshot:

/castsequence [nochanneling,mod:shift,@cursor] reset=10 Trueshot, Wild Spirits

However, there might be an even better method (not in-game right now to test), by placing Trueshot in the keyrelease by itself since it has no GCD and it probably fires at the same time:


/cast [nochanneling,mod:shift,@cursor] Wild Spirits


/cast [nochanneling,mod:shift] Trueshot