Ui error message

“There are too many errors in your UI. As a result, your game experience may be degraded. Disable or update the failing addons if you don’t want to see this message again.”

i get this everytime i reload and about evry !) min…
any ideas?

That Means one of your addons is causing taint, list your addons and we can see if anything jumps out.

Or disable certain ones and try to eliminate it that way, also install bug sack and bug grabber as that will give us a clue where to look.

Also is this retail/classic/ptr?

GSE is the addon in retail. have deleted it and reinstalled it. STILL SHOWS THE ERROR

Yes but bug grabber and bug sack add on will provide a log showing where the error lies. If you use twitch they are both on there otherwise gonna be hard to narrow down where your issue lies because loads using GSE with no issues