UI Recommendation: Delete (sequence) Version vs Delete Macro

GSE2 is awesome. I love it, and I love this site also. I’m also capable of being an idiot. I have mistakenly deleted entire macros when I intended to delete a specific version of the macro (not GSE’s fault).

Two delete buttons exists in the same view:

For the inattentive this could lead to mistakes. One recommendation (to help save people from themselves) is to move the bottom DELETE button back a screen to where other macro related options exist (NEW, EDIT, DELETE?) leaving only one DELETE in the Sequence Editor which naturally provides the option to delete sequences (as opposed to macros).

Of course, stupid people (like myself), deserve to live with their mistakes, but this recommendation is also predicated on the idea that there may be logic here.

Treat Macro options in the Macro pane and Sequence options in the Sequence pane.

To make a Recommendation - I would suggest posting it somewhere where it might be evaluated by the author of GSE Issues · TimothyLuke/GnomeSequencer-Enhanced · GitHub (I stumbled onto this thread. WLM and GSE are symbiotic but not the same. I look at WLM once every two or three weeks or when i get bored.)

The Delete All button was deliberately moved there in GSE 1.3 (2016) as when it was on the previous level people were deleting accidently. Here it required a deliberate action and there is still a popup warning that this will delete the entire macro not just this version.