Unholy's clappy boi

under the motto: Keep it simple, i created this macro, combining all the prot warr macro’s out there and simplifying them for my needs. the usual skills on modifiers…

this will not top dps meters, but you’ll be standing when all your allies have died.
ignore pain uptime has been maximized.
talents are 1-1-2-3-2-1-1
for essences, use Vision of Perfection major, Lucid dreams minor and nullification minor for M+ and world content.
for raiding I use crucible of flame major, lucid dreams minor and nullification minor.
included raiding macro as version 2

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  • The Default macro is 1
  • Raids use version 2
Macro Version 1
Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Thunder Clap, Ignore Pain, Victory Rush

KeyPress: Revenge, Shield Block, Shockwave

Main Sequence: Shield Slam, Devastate, Demoralizing Shout, Avatar, Shield Block, Ignore Pain, Thunder Clap

KeyRelease: Shield Slam, Demoralizing Shout

Post Macro: Shield Slam, Demoralizing Shout

Macro Version 2
Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Thunder Clap, Heart Essence, Ignore Pain

KeyPress: Revenge, Shield Block, Shockwave

Main Sequence: Heart Essence, Demoralizing Shout, Thunder Clap, Shield Block, Devastate, Victory Rush, Avatar, Shield Slam, Ignore Pain

KeyRelease: Shield Slam, Demoralizing Shout

Post Macro: Shield Slam, Heart Essence, Demoralizing Shout

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Cant wait to try this

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updated macro for better shield slam usage and demoralizing shout uptime

works really good mate no hiccups or moments where something isn’t being done will test in a mythic later when I have the chance as of right now works flawless against open world mobs

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nice for me :ok_hand:

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remove Victory Rush from Pre Macro and add /castsequence Victory Rush, Victory Rush in Main Sequence

Hello MS Speed for the Macro?


I use all my macro’s at 70 ms, but you can try anywhere between 50 and 150 ms to see which is best for you.

added version 2 for raiding, only difference is added heart essence cast which should be Crucible of flame major.

what version should i use for leveling or what would you recommend this is the first time i played a warrior

everything is set up to use version 1 when not in a raid, so that will be your best bet. levelling as a prot warrior should be pretty fast as you can just gather packs and nuke them down once you have the base skills

thank you for the help the macro works great keep up the good work