Upcoming Days - Post Pruning

It’s been a while now that Legion has been out and from the beta there has been a lot of posts and replies made.
In the upcoming days I am going to start archiving posts from 7.x up to around 7.2 as there have been a lot of changes from release.

The pruning will take place on the Hunter and DK forums as a start. The posts will not be deleted, they will just be moved to the archive folder for those forums.

Not sure how but my BM macro which was very popular and up to date got deleted.

Hello Kevin,

That is odd, but indeed is showing 404 page. I apologize and I will look into it to see if I can find where did it go.

[quote quote=54200]Hello Kevin,
That is odd, but indeed is showing 404 page. I apologize and I will look into it to see if I can find where did it go.

NP I figure it got lost in the pruning. I’m reposting it. Just trying to remember everything I typed in there. lol

Hello again Kevin,

I did find it, not sure how it got there but it is getting difficult to restore.

You can see a cache version of it here in case you decide to repost it:


Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello Kevin, good news!

I was able to restore it all.

But I do see that you have created a new one.

Would you like me to delete the new one and move the new reply to the old one?

Apologies if i had moved it, it certainly was not intentional.

The only posts i have moved were from the Hunter generic (not the spec forums) forum where the spammers hit to see in vain if that may help.

I have not touched any of the actual spec forums just yet except on one occassion when the spammer thought to be clever, but it was definitely not intentional!

Again, sorry if it was me

Ah yes please delete the new one. Thank you. And it’s ok accidents happen.

Although the post is back everytime I edit it and save it deletes all the macros and puts something like this in it’s place.




Hello Kevin,

You are correct, I tried to edit for you and posted the same versions over those and it did the same. It seems like the code plugin has some sort of caching thing going on. I will have to look more into it. I have seen this before but I can’t remember right now how I fixed it.

For now just override with the new one until I can find out what is causing it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I made a backup of the post so I can just post over it. Let me know if you fix it though so I don’t need to keep it backed up. Thanx for the help too. :slight_smile:

hello, I would like to know how to give priority to the spell before all the others? for example the ogiocando hunter beast mastery want to hate the priority to the 100% spell frenzy, what should I write! spell?

doea nything actually work these days ?