Updated 3.11.22 - Leveling Rogue 70-80 Assassination Mutilate Spec WOTLK

Just started leveling a rogue from 70 in all green gear.
I’ve picked mutilate with envenom for the poison DMG because it ignores armor and so it does decent damage even with my lowly green gear & weapons.

I’ve not picked the ‘hunger for blood’ talent because putting a bleed up and also HFB just isn’t needed whilst leveling. After some testing I’ve also dropped the ‘Cut to the Chase’ talent as mobs already die before the 2 point Slice and dice has finished.

I’m also using the Mutilate Glyph so it only costs 55 energy with this macro.

The macro will target a mob and also stealth so it can pickpocket (lots of extra gold over the 10 levels) and also to trigger the ‘Overkill’ talent for energy regen.
It will apply Slice and Dice on each new target and do the rotation.
If you hold SHIFT whilst the macro is running it will Kick casters if you have the energy for it.
It should use Blood Fury if you’re an Orc ( you could add in your own race damage boost if you have one instead).

I will add in tricks of the trade once I get to 75. (have added this now, just hit 75. If you set the tank to focus it should Tricks them once in combat.)

Put Deadly poison on your main hand dagger and Instant poison on the offhand dagger.
You will need to use dual daggers for Mutilate.

Happy Leveling!

Talents](WotLK Talent Calculator - WotLK Classic)



Really like this macro. thanks a lot!

Looking forward to your lvl80 update.

much love <3

nice macro for assassin rogue, we cant wait to see your new update for 80 level, thank you for your great effort making nice macro

Thanks guys, I don’t get much time to play, so am only level 75 at the moment.