***Updated, FINAL VERSION*** Disc Leveling Macro 20+

So I just unlocked Nightborne and decided to make a priest. I made this to level up and give the best DPS I could, while not trying to use abilities that I won’t have for 60+ levels. For now, I am using Schism. I hope this macro helps those who might be in my same boat. I will keep posting new ones as I level up and new abilities become available. Feedback is welcome.

This is the final version for this macro, unless someone finds a glaring error that I have to fix. I will be posting a new level 40+ macro in a new thread, which at least at first, will just be this macro, and shadowfiend.

New to this version is the ability to assist focus. if you have a focus, you will target their target, unless their target is dead, or a friendly, or they have no target. this can get weird if your focus is a spaz. if you want a version without it, just delete the line:
/target [@focustarget, harm, nodead]


Sequences['DPS_leveling_20+'] = {
-- This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.2.07.
  Talents = "3,x,x,x,x,x,x",
  MacroVersions = {
    [1] = {
      StepFunction = "Priority",
        "/target [@focustarget, harm, nodead]",
        "/targetenemy [noharm, dead]",
        "/cast [combat, nochanneling][@focus, exists, noharm, nodead][@player] Power Word: Shield",
        "/cast [combat, nochanneling] Schism",
        "/castsequence [nochanneling] reset=target  Shadow Word: Pain, Penance, Penance",
        "/cast [combat, nochanneling] Smite",
        "/use [combat, nochanneling] 13",
        "/use [combat, nochanneling] 14",

I’d be interested in this, i just started a Priest

good idea. Just started my priest too and thought about dps rotation.

use yours and it works pretty good but there is a problem with Shadow Word Pain. Sometimes after pressing the button it renews the dot up to 3 times in a row and not using another spell even it they are ready

I mean it’s good but if you want to go to arena with this priest it would be nice to have it perfect

i will look into this. i will see if i can figure out how other macros get around this.

This is better. I played around with different things, did not like castsequencing smite with SW:P, it popped smite too often.

The problem with testing this is that there are no easy to get to target dummies for level 20-30, so I have to test on live critters, which melt too fast… this setup seems to cast in the order i want it to about 95% of the time…

which should be, in a perfect world:
SW:P, shield, schism, penance, smite, smite, smite, schism, shield, smite, smite, penance, SW:P…

in practice, things fire in the wrong order occasionally, because the bad guys melt so fast at this level and if i am questing there are usually more than 1 mob at a time…

I used penance to time the SW:P, i haven’t found a mob big enough yet to test whether SW:P falls off before getting refreshed. when i tried it with schism, it was refreshing after about 10-12 seconds, so once i find a big enough mob to test, i may have to switch it back it to schism, and add a smite.

there used to be code here, but i updated the original post to reflect the best version of this macro

works very nice and thanks to this macro i started priest again i hope you keep updating it.

i will indeed. as i level, i will post new versions as the talents and new abilities require… for level 30, i didn’t need a new one, as that talent tier doesn’t come with a dps ability. i will try to keep the macro modless, as i use dominos and already have my alt and shift and ctrl buttons used for other things.

Does this work for dungoen healing too as disc?


Yes and no. It does apply power word: shield to your focus, so if you have set the tank as your focus you do get some atonement healing as a result for both you and the tank. Other than that, though, the healing is up to you.

It was written as a pure dps macro with the intent of solo or 2 man questing. The use of schism actually works well for dps, but not so great for atonement heals… my level 60+ macro (still testing) removes schism in favor of castigation, which makes penance pop for an extra time. i am hoping it will work better in dungeon scenarios than the old one did…

Thanks for these, I’m wanting to do the same thing with leveling an allied race