UPDATED Tank 3.0 Running M+20s 99% uptime shield block 85%-90% IP

All cds on hotkeys


Usage Information

100ms Also runs well at 50ms

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.39.



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gonna try now but what are the 2 diffrent talents ? one aoe one single?

What are the differences between the two?

one prioritizes execute the other shield block and ignore pain

I sometimes change talents only for m+ where I am using shockwave instead of spear of bastion depends on the week Sirloin 2500+ io warrior

I generally use New Tank2 talent build on all applications

This tank there isn’t . Hmm

The uptime is great. Do you just hit Revenge on proc?

There seems to be something wrong with the talent codes, first one doesnt have anything allocated and second says out of date?

ill update that code here in a minute

yes I use a corsair mouse and keyboard so most of my hotbuttons and shift ctrl alt mods are on my mouse

Sìrloin ‹Actually Trash› @ Area 52 (US) (raider.io) this tank there most certainly is

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current talent build

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Thx :wink:
I’ve been looking all the time but couldn’t find it

Moin So my warrior tank has an item lvl of 388. Just ran 5+ totally easy :+1:

im going to be hitting 2500 next week with this bad boi, only thing i can think of is not using impending victory for me, it has bitten me in the but a few times trying +18-19 but hey i get 80-90+% uptime of ignore pain so thats a plus :smiley:

Yea really ive never payed attn as i rarely need to use it lol you know prot warrior you really have to try to die anything less than a 20

Hey, short question: is this macro viable in raid scenarios? Especially single target situations?
I know warriors have tremendous survivability but can it damage single targets on an acceptable level?

Thanks in advance.

there are 2 talents, can u explain plz ?

2nd macro that focus execute is better for raid targets but on average not great dps single target