Updates for various classes

Guys- just questing out and trying to get a sense of activities here. I get that some of you creative developers of the macros are trying to enjoy the journey to lvl 70. Many players are 70 and starting to run dungeons and looking to gear up for the new raids.
I can not but notice that several class macros are still based on the early days of Dragon fight without updates. I’m leveling atm arcane mage based on lvl 60 talents. I’m trying to add based on Wowhead but fear that the DPS becomes useless.

What exactly are you expecting to happen here?

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Im not saying this to be tempermental but the expectation seems to be I wont contribute but will complain that no one else has contributed. No one knew how to write macros. They sat down with the editor, combat logs and the target dummy and edited until it was good. This takes time not only to level the character but to gear it and then about 150-500 hours with a target dummy. With 39 specs why does everyone expect that this will happen within the first few months when nobody is the only one prepared to contribute?


Ok well teach us noobs how to make macros or point us in the right direction to guides and such. So that some of us that are not as fluent in making macros can at least try making them. I know its alot to make and test them and i for one am not the smartest tack in the box but would like to try and learn. Thanks for everyones hard work.

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  1. Go To Icy Veins - learn rotation
  2. install GSE and Details Streamer
  3. Open GSE
  4. Arrange Commands - One command per action block
  5. Save Macro
  6. Find Target Dummy - Open Details Streamer and /gse debug - Run Macro
  7. Go back to step 3 and edit until what the macro is doing matches the rotation from Icy Veins.

Its not rocket science but it is time and hard work. Oh and Home · TimothyLuke/GSE-Advanced-Macro-Compiler Wiki · GitHub is your friend.


Thank you for the info just hope others will try their luck also. :crossed_fingers:

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My Guide has been here for a while now…


Hi Tim- Thanks for the explanation. I have been using the macros from this site for some time and, it definitely has contributed to enjoying the game thus far. By no means do I want to downplay the effort and time that is invested in creating these macros. I speak out the hope that the contributors continue adding, and sharing these macros with us. Myself, I am lucky to have play time on weekends and find not the time to experiment with strings and whatever is involved. More so I appreciate the work done.
Thanks all for posting!

I hope this doesn’t come off bad, but I think it’s also going forward good to have an understanding of what the macros here can and cannot do.

You’ve posted in Arcane Mage so I’m assuming this is the one you’re most interested in. I can tell you that simply put that an arcane mage that does even 50% of the dmg potential of the class is going to be incredibly hard to make. Arcane simply requires too many decisions. The macros cannot, and will not ever be able to ascertain “is this up?” “do I have 20 harmony stacks?” and Arcane mage is a checklist class. It’s opener for a human is maybe 25 spells long, and there’s 2 openers depending on what is available to you.

Mage overall isn’t a good class for macros because it’s very proc/uptime dependant. Of all the macros you’d be best off with the frost.

I’d suggest stripping frost back to not do flurry/ice lane for you have them on buttons, and blizzard (or some macros have it on an modifier) and play that. It’s pretty much “press the shiny button” and currently does about 80% of the dmg arcane does.

Arcane is a jigsaw puzzle spec and you kind of need to know what you’re doing. There isn’t going to be a good arcane macro this season.

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Doesn’t come over bad! This should not really have been posted in the mage section. I’m sorry about this. In shadow land, a h’priest was my main character, running mostly mythic with the help of the macros offered here. The arcane build offered by Izzi is working surprisingly well thus far. I’m adding some talents as I am leveling up, based on a leveling talent on WOW - head. DPS is sustaining on the higher side while doing some dungeons.

Hey, Just made an account because I am only now discovering GSE and it’s capabilities. I am a mythic raider and am basically looking for ways to offload some brain-bandwidth in order to be better and more efficient in raids. I’m responding to your post about it not being possible for there to be an arcane macro right now. I would agree…sort of. The actual burst sequence is 100 percent scripted and would work great for a macro actually. Your burn sequence is always going to be the same, the only difference being between the mini burn and the big burn, with the absence of Arcane surge in mini, which is substituted for an Arcane blast. As far as what you’re doing between burns yes, no possible way to script that. When I say burn sequence i am only referring to the spells you cast up to the point where you cast touch of the magi, after that you are casting based upon Nether Precision and clearcasting stacks. This is much more scripted if you are playing the mana gem build which is actually higher dps right now.