UpToDate Arms 8.3

My arms macro I’ve made after testing almost every macro for arms. Tested against training dummy both in sim and in-game because I find that to be the most realistic number and most easily testable I got to ~95% at one point hitting ~105% at its peak. I’m not looking for suggestions to improve it, simply do that yourself if you find something that works better for you. You are also welcome to post in thread your changes and results for others. I run it at 50ms but I’m sure there’s a better latency depending on your own. My talents are 3,1,2,2,2 or 3,1,1. You will get varying results do to gear differences this should be self-evident.


Usage Information
Warbreaker for Raids/General content. Cleave for mythic+. Use Bladestorm during test of might. Use Sweeping strikes at start of multi-target encounter. Memory of Lucid dreams major for best results. ALWAYS SIM FOR WHAT’S BEST FOR YOU.

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.5.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Victory Rush

KeyPress: Bladestorm, Sweeping Strikes

Main Sequence: Overpower, Skullsplitter, Mortal Strike, Colossus Smash, Whirlwind

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Going to try this out on a couple of alts I’m leveling. Only question I have right off the bat is Execute? Do you use that manually?

Yes, I have Execute on scroll wheel down. If using Lucid Dreams as your major attempt to save it until the Execute phase on bosses and essentially you can spam Execute as quickly as you can scroll down. In my opinion its inefficient to have Execute in the macro since it will still attempt to use other abilities when you should only be using Execute. It’s a significant dps loss and waste of rage during Execute phase. You could make a mod for it but it’s best used manually imo.

This works prety darn good :smiley: Thanks alot :slight_smile: I’m new to the site and macro stuff, my dps was shit as arms and this did jump me up from 32-35k dps to 50k+ :smiley:

hi, how do i get the Cleave to work with this macro?

Hold down ctrl while using the macro. For example, I use a Razer mouse and I have a macro that clicks the button my warrior macro is on at 50 ms while I hold down mouse button 4. If I want to use Cleave, while holding down my macro button I just press ctrl and it will use Cleave and then continue with the macro. In multi-target situations you should be using cleave at the start of the fight to apply deep wounds to all of the adds. Cleave only finds use in Mythic+ Dungeons, in raids or any other content FoB or Collateral Damage will outperform it.

yep … ctrl doesn’t work for me somehow :confused: if i take a closer look to the macro its grey instead of blue like the alt and shift

OffTopic but, can somone explain to me step by step or link me to a thread where it is explained how to link your GSE macro to a razer synapse keyboard. I took a break from wow (2,5 yrs) and came back but forgot how I can link it. I have the macro and the delay already set up for my razer and I’m using and UH DK macro by John (Metz) but I have been manuallly clicking the button on my keyboard. For shorter fights its ok but for those long raid fights it gets tiresome.Thanks in advance.

Cleave is a lvl 75 talent. If you don’t have it selected you won’t be able to use it. You should only use Cleave in Mythic+ Dungeons as I said before. If you have the talent selected and are still unable to use the Modifier then sadly I am unsure, sorry.

In the macro tab on razer synapse create your macro, then select your macro by clicking on it, on the right side there should be a Key Binds box with a + sign, click that, then you will be able to choose between your different peripherals assuming you have other razer products and assign your macro to the key or button of your choosing.

Hi Baadsan,

Thanks for replying…I have uploaded a pic of my macro.
I might not have been specific in my question. What I am looking for is how does Razer know in game to run the macro. Should I do something in gse or should I activate my keyboard. Please see a screensht of my settings

So it appears you’re using the old version of Synapse, unfortunately I don’t remember how Synapse 2.0 works sorry, but here is a link to the updated version https://www.razer.com/synapse-3 It is much easier to use in my opinion and I will be able to help you much more easily.

So my Razer deathstriker Chroma is officially a legacy device after just 2 yrs :rofl: :rofl: which is crazy…ok so I installed the new one…but how do you link it to wow.I have my gse macro…i have my macro set up in razer…should I import an xml file…?

How do you do it…is still the question to ask…

My GSE Macro is bound to Z in game so when I hold Mouse Button 4 on my mouse it clicks Z for me in game.

Thanks for your patience and explanation…I get it now…I just thought that in game I needed to link the gse macro to the razor macro…but the link is the letter that I drag the macro icon to and the keybind is the link outside of the game…so stupid of me…bouncing my head into the wall…the keybound shoudl work for all situations…until i unbind the key…

Not a problem at all, this is a pretty friendly community but trying to find a solution to your problem can sometimes be hard with so many threads.

People who dont have Mouse for Macros.

Use AutoHotKey

this is my script

When i press “1” they start to loop my “K” at 70ms

change de sleep to modify ur ms