Use CHATGPT to create Gse macro

I’ve been playing around with chatGPT and GSE macro creation. I have been feeding the AI info about macro format , GSE format and rotation priorities (shadow priest). I’m at work, so I have not come up with any good results yet, but it does seem possible. Has anyone tried this yet?


Hi Knightbreed! I’ll try to look at this thread every day to see if you’ve made progress, and to also update you on my attempts to try do the same. I think it’s a good idea!


Besides feeding it macro/gse rules and syntax, I will also try feeding it some of the better macros by others. Once a viable result is consistently output, I can start feeding suggestions to increase dps, buff, etc.

Trying to get it to translate icyveins rotation into gse macro is the challenge!

Iirc chatgpt database of “things” stops at 2021, are you sure you can do it?

No, not sure lol. But it seems you can train the AI by providing relevant information. It already understands GSE Macro commands and format. It outputs correctly, but very simple. Next, I will try feeding it the raw source code of completed macros so it can use them as a template. A lot of trial and error. I am sure a programmer will have much better luck eventually. But I am having fun trying, lol

I’ve been trying that too… It understand rotations and prio lists… it can spit out normal macros…
It also generates something that looks like a GSE macro but I think it’s outdated.

I tried asking it to convert the macro to an import string and it did so, however GSE said “no” :stuck_out_tongue: (didnt recognise the format).

lol it is nice didn’t even thought of that i will try it :slight_smile:

Great idea, it might work!
How can I participate in it? Because it seems like there is some sort of queue for ChatGPT

Just sign up for free. Login at: I have not run in to a wait except once.

The AI retains info per conversation, so the plan has been to train it on GSE and Wow macro rules. Then feed it the optimal rotations from icy veins.

The results have been decent, but inconsistent and simple. My plan next is to feed it the better macros (using shadow priest currently) in raw format. Then have the AI use that format to try to make the macros more efficient.

The main challenge is to give it the correct info in a format that it understands. Many times it does not recreate the same macro after being asked to make small changes. I believe someone who is talented in coding will be much more effective in producing better results

I believe someone who is talented in coding will be much more effective in producing better results

Yeah, right now at this very moment it is probably true. For now. It won’t be true anymore soon enough.

Paste a raw edit into the prompt. Tell it to use that as a format. The first thing I did was tell it to remove spell ranks off of a couple of rusty leveling macros. Then I just pasted the new code in the raw edit section and compile. For what it’s worth, I think a decent opener cast sequence macro can be made for the majority of dps classes. It knows more than you think.

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Agreed. ChatGPT does not take into account any timing. It doesn’t make efficient timing loops or understand spell procs. It can use /castsequence properly, but as we know /castsequence is not always reliable. It can setup a very basic priority macro using wowhead or icyveins rotation description, creating at least a starting point for manually making a macro.

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